real happy living

jou-soot chung

founder and principal designer

Hi, I’m Jou-Soot, mother, wife, designer, Montessori fan, feng shui believer, home organization freak, world traveler and entrepreneur. RHL was founded in 2016, after countless Feng Shui inspired designing and decorating moments enjoyed with family and friends. Through the RHL app, I was thrilled to share my passion for decorating and knowledge of Feng Shui to help others create a balanced home environment.

That very same year, I gave birth to a little boy and a whole new world of design came to life for me! Fascinated by the observations and learning of Dr. Maria Montessori and her child-focused educational principles, I designed my son’s bedroom and play spaces incorporating her ideas. As my baby grew and he’s needs changed, his bedroom evolved and I got busy refreshing and redesigning everything around him. Watching my little one over the years, I saw firsthand how beautiful, simple and orderly spaces influenced his development. It’s been amazing to see my son bloomed into a confident independent little person, nurtured by an environment that is thoughtfully curated and created with Montessori-inspired attention to detail.

In 2019, I was excited to expand RHL, offering design and decorating services with a focus on kids’ spaces. It is my hope to design eye-pleasing rooms and spaces that also encourage and support the child’s physical and mental growth. As a parent, I understand how overwhelming it can feel preparing for a new baby, adapting to the constantly developing child and desiring to create a sanctuary at home for them.

Our children are our future and it is an honor to be able to have a positive impact on them through the world of interior design. I look forward to going along this journey with you.