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montessori at-home

Bringing the Montessori environment to our homes can be exciting for our little ones but perhaps a tiny bit intimidating, possibly daunting, for some parents. Everything in our home is built for grown-ups and so are the furnishings we bring into it. But now we have to look at our home in a new light, viewing it from our child’s perspective! How do we create a nursery that helps a baby develop focus, design a bedroom that gives a toddler the freedom of movement, and enhance areas in our home that promote independence and build self confidence?

how does it work?

Schedule a prepaid one-and-a-half hour consultation, a collaborative session where we observe your child(ren) at play and interacting with their environment, learn about your needs, style and design direction, and share with you valuable information grounded on the Montessori philosophy including room layouts, ideas of furnishings to be incorporated, organization materials and retail sources to shop with, as applicable.

Through this meeting, we hope to impart helpful tips and ideas specific to your home and child(ren), and have a clear picture of the effort going forward, if deemed necessary.

1.5-hour montessori at-home fee with Jou-Soot Chung, $450.00 (plus service tax)
subsequent hourly fee with Jou-Soot Chung, $250.00 (plus service tax)