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full service

In our full service offering, we bring to live your vision and ideas from beginning to end. We are dedicated to making your design journey special, giving you our focused attention and guidance throughout the process. We also come to the table prepared with knowledge of the essentials for a child’s room and take away the stress of time consuming research. We listen to your wishes, offer nuggets of design and organization wisdom and deliver a completed room / space we can all be proud of.

how does it work?

We kick off the process with an initial consultation. This is a collaborative discussion to learn more about your lifestyle, needs, design direction, timeframe, project budget and expectations.
Following this, we measure and photograph your space, taking note of any furnishings you may like to incorporate in the design plan.
After gathering all the necessary information, we draw up an initial floor plan and share with you our ideas and design including color schemes, wall and window treatments, fabrics, furnishings and the room layout. At this time, we review your project budget and note any changes or reselections that might be needed.
Once we have your “Okay”, we start shopping!
We handle the entire ordering process, tracking your order and making sure everything arrives as anticipated. We also oversee any trade persons or contractors involved in the project. Next comes installation, when all the furnishings are delivered and assembled, light fixtures or window treatments are installed…a time we get everything ready for the reveal and final walkthrough.
Finally, the big day arrives! We walk you through the newly completed room(s) / space(s) and note any, if at all, deficiencies and provide a timeline on when they will be corrected. We check back with you a few months later to see how things are.

let’s get started!

We begin with a two-hour consultation. During this time, we will take the opportunity to learn about your needs and wish list, and share with you valuable information relating to the preliminary design of the space and, if applicable, the Montessori approach that could benefit your child. Through this collaborative meeting, we hope to have a clear picture of the project direction and effort, a good foundation for us to move forward.

After the initial consultation, if we determine it is mutually beneficial to proceed, we will return for a site visit where we measure and photograph the room.

2-hour consultation with Jou-Soot Chung,
$550.00 (plus service tax)