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designer on call

We recognize that some clients like to be involved in the design process and are willing to do most of the work themselves but may be overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions. They are looking for some guidance of a seasoned interior designer to help them move ahead and make those design decisions with confidence. Does this sound familiar? We can help!

how does it work?

We schedule a pre-paid two hour on-site meeting with you where we learn about your needs, style and design direction, and share with you valuable design information (grounded on the Montessori philosophy where applicable) including room layouts, color schemes, ideas of furnishings to be incorporated, organization materials, retail sources to shop with and décor items.

Subsequent to the two-hour meeting, you may request for follow-up hourly coaching meetings where we can help address any design concerns or provide further assistance in areas including:

  • drawings and floor plans to fine tune your room layout
  • idea boards to nail down specific furnishings, artwork or decorative objects
  • Personal shopping for pre-selected items

2-hour designer on call fee with Jou-Soot Chung, $550.00 (plus service tax)
subsequent hourly fee with Jou-Soot Chung, $250.00 (plus service tax) for each hour