real happy living

a little explorer’s sanctuary

“The child who concentrates is immensely
happy” – Dr. Maria Montessori

The ask was to create a room for a curious little 3-year old boy who loves tee pees and exploring, a place he can play in all day and rest at night, and share with visiting family and friends. Ashton has a wonderful sense of humor and is full of ideas, we want his room to reflect that. We were given a blank canvass and could not wait to get to work!

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The large airy room bathed in bright morning sunlight was cheery and has amazing positive energy. We chose blue and grey for a calm and soothing feel and a pop of orange for some fun. Well spaced wall decals made the large room cozier for little Ashton and we hear it is a hit!

We placed a floor bed close to, but within a safe distance from, the window so Ashton could enjoy the amazing outside world as he falls asleep and wakes every day. A bright colored teepee, doubling as the headboard, could be pulled out during the day for some exciting exploration. There’s a child size table with a loving owl lamp watching over Ashton as bedtime stories are read. It’s also a convenient place for him to put his sound machine at night. A small arm chair sits next to it, always ready to hug him as he sinks into it, lost in the latest adventures of Curious George or Paddington Bear.

Not far from Ashton’s bed is a daybed that converts into a queen bed for guests. It’s a neutral grey and filled with decorative pillows of all shapes and sizes for grown-up comfort or building forts. A large patterned area rug add interest to the room and provide a soft padding for little feet and rolling around.

Across from Ashton’s bed are open shelves and child-size table and chairs. This is where Ashton spends countless hours, when he’s not in Montessori class or outdoors, mastering a new skill or manipulating objects that help him learn math, language, coding, just about anything he’s little mind is interested in. Each set of materials is purposefully placed in recycled wooden trays or clear containers and arranged at his eye-level so Ashton is able to independently choose what he wants to play with and put them back when done (with some encouragement). This sensible arrangement has lead to organized play and help Ashton focus. The materials are replaced every few weeks by mom to keep things fresh and interesting.

The young child learns through their senses, they are constantly absorbing everything they see and touch, and giving them a space that is visually beautiful and orderly is one of the best gifts a parent can give their child. We had a wonderful time building this room from scratch and so proud that it has been such a sanctuary for an adorable little boy!