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We enjoyed getting to know a lovable pair of six year-old twins that could not have been more different. Gregarious and outgoing Arianne loves hanging out with people and creating colorful art while her quieter twin brother Raphael prefers kicking a soccer ball with a few friends and taking them on pioneering space missions. They are both avid Lego builders who also enjoy going on crazy adventures with their PJ Masks action figures. Our challenge was to bring out their personalities while keeping the room cohesive and getting it ready for a new phase of their lives—elementary school!

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We felt great vibes from the kids…Arianne inspired fun and whimsy (think the perfect blush pink hue and floral motives) while Raphael brought wonder and adventure (think strong navy tones and floating constellation), and a touch of light neutral grey to bring the two worlds together.

This is the place where the twin siblings sleep, read, do their homework and play. In the elementary years, children start developing their powers of reasoning and feelings of morality, as well as enjoy hanging out with their friends. The environment we create should evoke a feeling of calm and beauty, spark thoughts and imagination, and allow for healthy social interaction. For Arianne and Raphael, just as important is the sense of privacy and identity…a space they can feel is their own while still sharing the room. This bedroom came together like an amazing jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece, gradually revealing a lovely home base for two remarkable little human beings who are coming into their own.

As we turn the corner into the twins’ room, the striking bold bed canopies catch our eyes and draw us into the room. The kids adore them! They were the first piece of our design puzzle, just the right amount of privacy for sleep and separation but also shine with a lot of personality. How can any child not have many restful evenings falling asleep under the stars and wake up to many cheery mornings greeted by those lovely kind smiling flowers.

Next, we introduced the homework stations, which has to be the biggest change in the room for the kids. A pair of grey-colored desks with clean lines accompanied by ghost chairs give the room a contemporary and airy feel, and complements the attention-grabbing bed canopies and unexpected book display. Cool grey and white drawers placed snugly between the tables house art and craft supplies and provide paper storage, pin boards above the desks hold important notices and personal art, and cute trash cans under the desks are must-haves to encourage good habits.

The final piece to the puzzle is the floating shelf. They not only add character and function to the room, but also a practical solution to blank walls not quite deep enough for bookcases. The books on display are hand picked by the twins, they are their favorites about elephants, wildlife, astronauts, outer space, art and many more. These are filled with facts and information to quench curious minds and contain wonderful stories that can be retold to friends. On another wall, smaller floating shelves allow the kids to display their latest Lego vehicles, conversation starters with many of their visiting friends, and an original artwork from the twins they can admire and be proud of.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing lots of loud squeals of excitement followed by bear hugs for creating a special place for two of the sweetest people we know.